Susan Raebeck

Friday, January 19

 The children did a good job on their homework and seemed quite excited and proud.  Hope things went smoothly on your end.  Let us know if you are having any problems.  Thank you for promptly sending back any books brought home from the classroom.

 We finished up the book Froggy Gets Dressed by acting it out.  The children also drew portraits of themselves in their winter clothes and then labeled their clothes.

 We’ve finished Unit 2 of Fundations and are sending home the handwriting books.  We will continue to review letter formation all year.  In the next unit we continue tapping and blending sounds and will begin learning “trick” words, i.e. those that cannot be sounded out.

 On Wednesday helped the children use balance scales to weigh and compare different objects. Some of the questions explored were “Which is heavier, a unit block or a marker?  How many pennies equal a magnatile?  Make 2 equal balls out of clay.  If you flatten one, will they still weigh the same?”  Next week we will be studying capacity.  If using a balance scale is exciting, dumping rice from one container to another is even better!

                                           Have a good weekend,

Mrs. Raebeck and Ms. Randall