2R News

Dear Families,
The children started a new math module this week. They are learning strategies for composing and decomposing tens and hundreds. We are having great math discussions! I really enjoy listening to how they work through their math problems. They are also working on completing sprints in 2 minutes. They are enjoying the challenge! 
We are studying nonfiction writing this month. Our author study is on Gail Gibbons. The children are reading and listening to lots of her nonfiction books. They are discussing what they notice about her writing and illustrating. They will soon write their own nonfiction book!
We are starting to study many important African Americans for Black History Month coming up in February. Each child will read about an influential African American, past or present. Then they will do a little research on some kid friendly websites. When they are finished learning about the person they are studying, they will type a short report to share with the class. The children are very excited to get started!
We are reading a lot in our class! The children are practicing reading with expression. We are reading books with speech bubbles and lots of different punctuation especially quotation marks. Mrs. Warner's reading group will be reading a play from Reader's Theater...what a fun way to practice reading with fluency and expression! 
I will be giving a spelling quiz on Fridays starting on January 19th. The words will be from the current spelling list plus 2 bonus words. I can't believe how excited the class is about this! 
Please email me or the class parents if you'd like to visit our classroom to read a book and/or do a project. 

                            ~Mrs. Regan