Jeff Reed

Illustration Of A Snowman.pngSwimming continues this Friday after lunch!

Friday, January 19
, 2018

Science Fair approaching February 1. It will come faster then any 4th grader might realize. I sent two examples of layout to all 4R kids. It is on Google Drive.

Thank you to Jake's family for coming in pizza day!

Continued: We are in the middle of another comprehensive project in class this week that will teach the kids how America was created. I will be linking global history with exploration, colonization, and the European encounter with indigenous people to help the kids understand how the world as it is today came to be. 

We started our integration of multiplication and division. This means that the facts need to be learned. If your child does not know his or her math facts, math will continue to be difficult. Support of our learning can be found within xtraMath, IXL, and CastleLearning. All online work is the students' responsibility and it is not specifically assigned any particular night. 

So recap for January:   focus is the following...

Reading a perfect chapter book at home cover to cover

Math (division) on IXL, xTra Math, and CastleLearning


Science Fair Project

Exploration and European Encounter

Matter with Electricity, energy and machines

In case you are interested, we need Expos.
I think the companies that make these dry erase are purposely under filling them just like HP ink.