2R News

Dear Families,

2R is continuing to do great work! They are working in small groups throughout the day to complete writing, reading, and math tasks.
This week, the children worked in small writing groups to write letters of appreciation to our Board of Education. We also completed our distance learning project. This project is connecting us with another school in NY state, so the children can share their work and writing with one another. It is a great way for them to work cooperatively with one another in the classroom and with children from another school. It also reinforced reading and writing skills that we've been working on in class. 2R would like to thank Mrs. Sobey and Mr. Bird for coming in and helping us create our "monster" for our distance learning project. We finally got to put all three parts together, and the children are super excited! Each group (head, body, legs) got together to write detailed directions for the other class we will be connecting with. The other class will try to build our class monster by following the directions the children wrote for them. Our class will try to build the other class's monster using the directions they've sent us. We will keep you posted on this fun project! 
Reading groups met and worked on vocabulary, sound segmentation, and reading comprehension. We have 5 reading groups that rotate each week. Mr. K., Mrs. Warner, and I meet with a group and the other two groups work independently in the Literature Circle and on the ChromeBooks. The children are getting used to the routine and are making nice progress! 
We started working with centimeters and meters in math. The children are learning how to estimate using their pinky. This is a little tricky for them because they have difficulty keeping their pinky on the paper, but they are getting the hang of it! 
Our field trip to Sag Harbor Garden Center is on Tuesday, October 24th. Please send in $2 for the cost of your child's gourd and bulb. We also have another field trip on October 27th to the Sag Harbor Fire House. The children will be learning all about fire safety. Thank you to all parents who offered to chaperone these field trips. Your help is truly appreciated! 

                           Have a great weekend,
                                 ~Mrs. Regan