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Note: dismissal info at the bottom of page
Friday, October 13, 2017
No Latin or DLR for this short week. We worked on creative story writing instead.

Firehouse Field Trip is 10/25 from 9 to 9:50.   I need three parent chaperones. Please text me if you can ride the bus with us.

We are planning a leaf collecting walking field trip for Friday October 20 from 1:00 to 3:00. If you can walk with us as a chaperone from the school to Oakwood and back, please let me know as soon as possible. So far we have Emma's dad as a volunteer. 

We are taking on a new contest. WE will try to see who can commit 28 acts of kindness by Thanksgiving. Kids have a chart that parents, family, teachers, or friends can initial if there is evidence of a particular act of kindness. remember: care and try! Being kind means taking action. Caring and trying one's best is another way of taking action and showing kindness in 4R. 

Reminder: DLR must be completed by Thursday night if credit, prizes, and other awards are to be received. Anyone done early gets a second chance on each assignment. Latin assignments have a two week due date time cycle. 

Water bottles: if possible, avoid the metal bullet bottles. They do not stand and fall on the floor repetitively causing unlimited distractions for all the kids. I will still allow them, but they are a distraction.

Send in E.D.I.T.H. fire house forms. Time and date is October 25th at 9:00. I will need two chaperones. 

Daily notes for dismissal are needed if there is any change or the pick up is by anyone other than the parent (or any change). 

Thank you for all you have done and continue to do to prepare your child for school each day. They are ready, alert, and aiming for excellence. I am so impressed. This is going to be a banner and memorable year. 

If you have not sent me your personal contacts (cell and email) please do so at 631.988.2590

Have a colorful Autumn long weekend!

Last week's newsletter:
Welcome to a year of complete and never-ending kindness!

The first two things you need to know are posted for day one.

#1. Supply List Letter as posted on the District site:

Welcome to 4th grade! I am so excited to be your teacher for the upcoming school year. I think that you are really going to love being in fourth grade. Along with all the good reading, writing and math we'll be doing, we'll also study interesting topics in social studies and science like Native Americans, Colonial America, Ecosystems and Outdoor Learning. We hope that you like doing fun projects and working online as you learn! Please bring these supplies when we begin school:

A plastic pencil box
12+ sharpened #2 pencils (pre sharpened)
1 box of 24 colored pencils with small hand sharpener (must have)
3 BIG glue sticks
2 black/white hard cover composition notebook (100-115 pages)
1 student scissor
1 box of fine tip colorful markers
2 fine tip permanent black markers (must have for projects)
1 dry-erase eraser for daily math
3+ small packs of dry erase markers for the year (thin size) (I will hold them for you with your name on the package)
* Most important item Independent reading novel or chapter book
Non glass water bottle
1- one inch 3 ring binder for Spanish
1 pack of 50 sheet protectors with 3 ring binder holes for Spanish
***1 one-inch loose leaf 3-ring binder with Tru Vue clear pocket cover

#2  Contact

If you need to reach me, I am at

But, better... text me your best contact information for my iphone. I am at 631.988.2590. Leave name of student and names of parents and emails etc... by the name you prefer to be addressed. Leave the number that you best want to be contacted. You can call, too to introduce yourself to me. I will record your contacts as you wish.

A message about dismissal...

For Busers:

  • If your child is eligible to ride the bus, we expect they will take the bus home unless there is a note stating otherwise.
  • Please send a note in stating who may meet your child at the bus stop.
  • If your child may walk home from the bus stop unattended by an adult, please send a note stating that. This note must be submitted each year. Include specific information, such as whether a younger child may also walk home without their older sibling. 
  • Please be at the bus stop 10 minutes before the official pick-up and drop-off time. Bus route times at the beginning of the year can fluctuate.

For Walkers:

  • Please send your child with a note when someone other than a parent will pick them up or if they have permission to leave school grounds without an adult.

General Dismissal Information:

The school day ends at 3:25, at which time you may pick up your child(ren) in the courtyard. Although we strongly encourage you to have your child in school for the entire day, when you must pick your child up early for an important appointment, please note that 3:00 is the latest time for early release of students.

If you need to notify the school about a change of dismissal for your child, please call the school as early in the day as possible and make every effort to reach us before 3:00pm.